How To Repair Concrete Cracks

What You'll Need
Wire brush
Sandpaper (optional)
Water supply
Latex additives (optional)
Putty knife
Container for mixing concrete

Knowing how to repair concrete cracks can keep your driveway both good looking and structurally sound. Cracks can come from many different things. Sometimes water will seep into chips or cracks in the concrete. The cold winter can freeze water inside the concrete and it expands to make cracks. One thing is for certain, once a crack forms, they spread quickly. As soon as you see a crack you should fix it to avoid a much larger and expensive repair later.

Step 1: Prepare the Area

First you will want to chip away at any of the loose concrete around the crack. This should be easy to do if you have a screwdriver. Clean the area as much as you can with that screwdriver. You will want the area as smooth as possible so that the new concrete fix can bond easily with the old concrete. Use a wire brush to sand down the concrete. If you could use sand paper you would, but sandpaper probably will not be strong enough to do anything to smooth out concrete. Make sure you get it as smooth as you can with the wire brush. Rinse the area clean with water. You can do this with your garden hose.

Step 2: Mix the Concrete

Determine how much concrete you are going to need and mix up a batch. Mix in water with the mixture until you get a good consistency in the concrete fix. If you want to avoid cracking from expansion you can use some latex additives.

Step 3: Fill the Hole

Use a putty knife to smooth in the concrete mixture in the hole.

Step 4: Smooth It Out

This compound is designed to dry quickly. Move quickly but carefully to smooth the top so that it blends in with the surface. You will need to smooth it out while it is still moist.

Step 5: Allow Time to Dry

Make sure you leave plenty of time for your concrete to dry. Do not walk or drive on it until you are certain that it is completely dry. If you walk on it too early, you will have to do it over again. If you do this properly, this fix should last you until you have to get another surface put down over the entire area.