How to Repair Concrete Slab Cracks How to Repair Concrete Slab Cracks

What You'll Need
Stiff paintbrush
Putty knife
Cake decorating bag
200-grit sandpaper
Mixing attachment

Concrete slabs can be used for many things from building walls to sidewalks but if you need to repair concrete slab cracks it can pose a problem. Even though concrete is very strong it can still crack and break off in chunks. This can happen even if the concrete slabs are reinforced. With proper care and maintenance you will not have to worry about how to repair concrete slab cracks for decades and beyond. There are many reasons why concrete slabs crack and some include seismic activity, weeds and poor mixing or curing. The following article will show you how to repair concrete slab cracks.

Step 1 – Damage

Being able to assess the damage will go a long way to knowing how to repair concrete slab cracks. If you're dealing with simple surface or deep cracks in the concrete slabs then you can repair them. If the damage is more severe like missing chunks or a crack through to the ground and concrete slabs are lifting up then a complete replacement will be in order.

Step 2 - Remove Concrete Particles

Before you repair concrete slab cracks you first need to remove damaged concrete. Use the vacuum and run the hose attachment along the cracks in the concrete slabs. This will remove any particles remaining in the crack. Use the paintbrush to brush the inside of the crack to remove loose concrete and use the vacuum again to remove it if you have to.

Step 3 – Preparing the Concrete

With a clean site you can now start to repair the cracks. You can purchase a concrete repair kit at most home stores but these kits are not very good. The material they use to patch a crack is close to concrete but typically is not actual concrete. When this material dries it usually dries white and will cause your repair job to look shoddy as well as make it stand out like a sore thumb. For this reason you will be using actual concrete. You do not need that much so buy a small bag. Follow the mixing instructions on the back of the bag. Mix the concrete in a bucket using the drill with the drill attachment.

Step 4 – Fixing the Cracks

Once the concrete is mixed and is the consistency of oatmeal it is ready to be used. Most of the time a kit will have you slapping the patch on the concrete and smoothing it out. This does not repair a crack. Fill a cake decorating bag with concrete and cut off the tip. Place the open end in the crack and squeeze. Move the bag along the crack as you do this in order to actually fill the crack with concrete until the mixture overflows.

Step 5 – Finishing

You want a surface that is flat so use the putty knife to press the excess concrete into the cracks of the concrete slab and to blend the edges. Once dry; sand the area down.

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