How to Repair Cracked Floors of Corner Showers

What You'll Need
Fiberglass or ceramic repair kit
Waterproof sealant
Vacuum or tack cloth

Corner showers are extremely convenient from a space-saving and aesthetic standpoint, but it can be frustrating is the floor of a corner shower cracks. If this happens to you, consider attempting to make the repair yourself before calling a professional. With a little patience and attention to detail, this is a repair that will be very possible to repair all by yourself. Below you will find the steps to take to complete this repair.

Step 1 - Determine the Materials You Will Need

Determine what material your corner shower floor is made out of before you can make an educated decision about what type of product to purchase to fix the crack. Your corner shower floor will almost certainly be made of either fiberglass or ceramic tiles. Repair kits for both of these materials are readily available at your local hardware store, so once you determine the material of your shower floor you should go purchase the appropriate kit for this type of material.

Step 2 - Mix Materials

If you find that your corner shower floor is made out of fiberglass, prepare the fiberglass repair solution to the manufacturer's recommended specifications. In the case of a ceramic tile floor, you will be mixing a mortar compound, again to the manufacturer's specifications.

Step 3 - Apply Compound

If you are working with fiberglass repair compound, apply the compound evenly in and around the cracked area with either a trowel or a putty knife. Spread the compound over and inside the crack itself and the surrounding area around 2 inches or so from the crack. If you are working with ceramic tile, do the same with the mortar compound you have already mixed. Both of these materials should be allowed to dry for at least 2 hours before continuing on to later steps.

Step 4 - Sand Area Down

Since you want your shower floor to be as even and smooth as possible for safety and comfort, thoroughly sand the area where you have applied the patching compound so that it is even with the rest of the shower floor and free of any sharp points. Once you have sanded the area completely, use a vacuum cleaner or tack cloth to remove any residue from the shower floor before continuing.

Step 5 - Waterproof Cracked Area

Apply a watertight seal to the area surrounding the repaired crack in order to make sure that you will not have any water damage in the future. Purchase a waterproof shower sealant at your local hardware store and apply it evenly across the surface with a paintbrush. If you were repairing a crack in ceramic, you will need to apply grout to the repaired area with a trowel in even strokes. Remove any excess grout with a clean, dry cloth or a sponge. You will want to allow at least a few hours to elapse before running water in the shower to test it out.