How to Repair Cracked Limestone Tile

What You'll Need
Clean rugs
Epoxy adhesive

Owing to the natural look that limestone tiles give to the surface where it is installed, as well as the formidable feature it contains, home owners are often enticed to install this type of tile. However once exposed to various weather conditions or when put under pressure, the tiles crack. But instead of completely replacing the tiles, there are instances that they can still be restored by repairing them.

Step 1 – Removal and Cleaning of Broken Tiles

On the spot where cracks were observed, remove the tile pieces and place it on a flat surface. Clean each piece using acetone to free it of any dirt or grime. Wipe clean the pieces using clean rags. Also clean the spot where the tile is to be reinstalled. Make sure that it does not have anything that will stick to the adhesive.

Step 2 – Assembling and Reinstallation of the Broken Tile

After cleaning each piece, use the same and reform the whole tile. Once done, patch the pieces together by applying epoxy adhesive to the sides of the pieces and pressing each piece to the side of the other pieces. Leave the tile to dry. Once it is completely dried, reinstall the tile on the surface by applying cement or other tile adhesive on the back portion of the reassembled tile.