How to Repair Cracks in Ceramic Tile Kitchen Counter Tops

What You'll Need
Epoxy glue
Cotton cloth
Small artists brush
Paint to match the tile

The usual method of repairing cracks on ceramic tile kitchen counter tops is to pry the broken tile loose and replace it. But it can take a lot of time to do and it is messy. You may not also find the same tile design as replacement. You can have an easier repair by using epoxy glue to fill up the cracks.

Step 1 – Mixing and Applying the Glue

Mixing the glue should be done according to what is specified on the product label. Once mixed, you can pour it on the cracks, taking care not to spill too much on the surrounding tile. To work it down the crack, use a toothpick. The glue surface should be level with the rest of the tile surface.

Step 2 – Wiping Excess Glue

Excess glue on the surface should be wiped off by means of a cotton cloth but ensure that you do not dig out the glue off the crack. Let it dry overnight.

Step 3 – Painting the Glue

A small artist’s brush could be used in painting the glue. Apply the same color as the tile. Wipe off excess paint and let it dry overnight.

Step 4 – Sealing the Surface

To protect the surface from moisture, seal it off with a layer of polyurethane.