How to Repair Damaged Roof Solar Panels How to Repair Damaged Roof Solar Panels

What You'll Need
Extra pieces solar panel glass
Soldering gun
Self-adhesive metal
Stained-glass tape
Silicone diode
Glass cutter

Poor weather condition including large hails and hurricanes can cause a lot of damage to your roof solar panels. Aside from bad weather, impact from stones, stray balls and other hard objects can cause damage on your panels. Fortunately, roof solar panels can be repairs so you need not throw away the broken panels. To repair damaged roof solar panels, here is what you should do.

Step 1 – Determine the Extent of the Damage

If your place had just been hit by a hurricane, your solar panels probably suffered some really serious beating.  To determine the extent of the damage on your solar panels, give your panels a thorough check-up starting with its mounting frame, glass components, down to its wiring.

Step 2 – Repair the Mounting Frame

When checking the mounting frame of your roof solar panels, take a close look at the bolts and cables holding the mounting frame in place. Strong winds can cause damage on your mounting frame and weaken its anchors. If some of the bolts and cables are loose, tighten them to prevent the solar panels from falling off the roof. Replace broken cables and make sure that your mounting frame is secure.

Step 3 – Repair Broken Glasses

Before trying to repair the broken glasses on your solar panels, make sure that the panel still works. To do this, leave the panels as it is for a day and see if they generate energy. Broken panels often do not generate much energy so do not jump into conclusions that your solar panels need replacement if you only generate a little amount of energy after leaving the panels as is for the day. What is important here is that you know that the panels still work to some extent.

If the roof solar panels still generate energy despite their poor condition, you may now repair the broken glasses on the panel. You do not have to replace glasses that only have minor breaks around the edges and corners. Just use small pieces of stained glass tape to reattach the small broken parts together. Make sure that you trim the tape neatly so that it will only cover a small part of the glass. On the other hand, glasses that have cracks across their surfaces should be replaces. To replace the broken glass, remove the glasses from their mounts and attach new glasses to the mount.

Step 4 – Repair Loose Connection

To repair loose connections in your solar panel, make a cut in the silicone that embeds the solar cells. Once the cells are exposed, reach to the back of the cells and re-solder the loose connections. If you find it difficult to use the soldering gun to reconnect the loose wires and other parts, use a silver impregnated glue to reattach the parts.

Step 5 – Repair Burnt Terminals

Test the terminals on your solar panels and see which ones are no longer working then replace burnt terminals with new ones.

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