How to Repair Dented Decorative Candles

What You'll Need
Small box cutter
Old newspapers
Metal pot
Metal teaspoon
Decorative elements such as pushpins, ribbons, tulle, etc.

Decorative candles are popular accessories in any home. They now come in all colors, shapes and sizes to meet the decorating needs in one's space. Since they are made of wax however, they are quite prone to nicks and dents. Dented candles are often sold at bargain prices; while this does not affect the candle's performance the dents may make the candle look tacky and worn out. Depending on the size of its dent, the decorative candle can still be remedied. Here's how:

Step 1 - Clean the Candle

Lay down some old newspapers on the work surface. If the decorative candle has bumps that are intentionally made as part of its decoration, scrape them off using the small box cutter to smooth out the sides and edges of the candle. If the candle is dented when bought, some of the chipped off wax may be left inside the bottom of its box. Gather all these shavings and put into a small bowl.

Follow the next steps according to the size of the candle's dents.

For Small Dents:

Step 2 - Melt the Shavings

Place a small uncovered metal pot with water over low heat. Put a bowl over the pot in such a way that the bowl sits over the rim of the pot and with its bottom barely touching the water that is in the pot. Drop the wax shavings into the bowl and watch over it until the wax has melted.

Step 3 - Fill Out the Dents

Using a small metal teaspoon, drop small amounts of the melted wax into the dents and crevices of the candle until these are filled. Work on one area at a time and allow the melted wax to harden before working on the other areas of the candle. Once all dents are filled, clean the candle as indicated in Step 1.

Note that if the melted wax is not enough to repair the dents, consider the procedure for repairing the larger dents below.

For Large Dents:

Step 2 - Study the Candle's Design

The decorative candle may have a color theme or specific design, and it is best to stick to this for consistency. Choose only the design elements that can blend well with the candle.

Step 3 - Lay Out the Design

Check the dent's location and lay out the prospective design that can hide or conceal the existing dent. Finalize the design prior to attaching the decorative elements on the candle to prevent from further creating more holes.

Step 4 - Decorate the Candle

Carefully attach the decorative elements on the area where the dents are located. Metal pushpins are ideal for the job, but ribbons, tulle or small decorative flowers can work as well especially if the dents are on the bottom part of the candle. The goal is to cover up the dents with these decorative elements. Examine the candle to make sure that the dents are properly concealed before placing the decorative candle back into its container.

For candles that are severely banged up or damaged, one may have to consider melting the entire decorative candle and pouring the wax into a small jar with a fresh wick.