How to Repair Dents in Metal Garage Doors

What You'll Need
Detergent and water
Body filler
Acrylic primer
Acrylic paint

Dents in metal garage doors look ugly, but they can be repaired quite easily and with just a small investment of time.

Step 1 - Cleaning

Clean the dented area with soap and water and then rinse. This will allow other materials to bond more easily when you apply them. Once it’s dry, sand the area using 120 grit sandpaper until you’ve clean off all the paint. Wipe away the dust with a clean cloth.

Step 2 - Filler

Use a putty knife to put a thin later of filler in the dent. Let it dry, then add another layer and allow that to dry. Continue until you’ve filled the entire dent in the metal garage doors. Once it’s all dry, you should sand it smooth, so it’s flush with the rest of the metal garage doors and wipe away all the dust

Step 3 - Painting

Apply a thin coat of acrylic primer to the area, feather it into the surrounding areas and leave to dry. Put on a second coat of primer if needed. Put on a coat of acrylic paint and let that dry.  Finish with a second coat and the metal garage doors should look as good as new.