How to Repair Drywall Corner Bead

What You'll Need
Wall primer
Patching compounds
Putty knife
Drywall nails or heavy-duty staples
Fiberglass tape

You may have designed your house to be as resilient as it can ever be, but there are structures like drywall corners that are naturally vulnerable. Damages to your drywall corner beads are inevitable as they always take the most beating compared to all the other parts of the house. Kids run around and maybe hit the corners with their toys. Even we are guilty of creating a dent or two when we’re moving things around. The inevitability of damaging your drywall is reason enough for any homeowner to learn the techniques of fixing corner beads.

Step 1 – Prime the Walls

Before doing any kind of repair, you will have to prime your walls first. To do this, you will need the aid of any kind of fast drying stain blocking primer for the job. This substance will loosen your drywall so that dirt and other material are easily removed. You need to prime your walls to make sure that any compound you use on the corner beads actually stick.

Step 2 – Fixing Metal Corner Beads

Among all kinds of corner beads, the metal ones are the easiest to repair. Cracks are the most common kind of damage that metal corner beads encounter. To fix this, all you need is patching compounds that are appropriate for kind of damage. For smaller cracks, you can use ordinary spackle. For larger ones, a heavy duty drywall compound will work more efficiently.

Step 3 – Fixing Loose Corner Beads

Hairline cracks and loosening of corner beads are usual damages for corner beads. Before you apply any compound to the drywall corner bead, you will need to remove as much loose material as possible. With the use of a putty knife, remove all loose material by moving it up and down along the damaged area. A great technique to get rid of loose material is by tapping the cracks with a knife. You must also check that the corner bead is well secured to the wall. If the corner beads move whenever you push the edges, you may need to nail the corner bead on with drywall nails or power staplers.

When you’re finished with all that stick a piece of fiberglass tape onto the drywall to cover the cracks. Next, apply drywall compound over the tape to fill in the cracks. Make sure than you apply thin coats of drywall compound to keep the work inconspicuous. When you’re satisfied with everything, sand and apply the appropriate texture.

Step 4 – Replacing Damaged Sections

Severe damages to your drywall corner bead will have to mean removing that portion off with a hacksaw and then replacing it with a new corner bead that fits. Although you can always try this method, replacing the entire corner bead would work better than replacing just a section of it. It would certainly make for a neater work once everything is done.