How to Repair Faux Stone Siding

What You'll Need
Replacement faux stone
Cold chisel
Wire brush
Whisk broom
Small bucket
Stir stick
Grout bag
Wet saw
Putty knife

Faux stone siding is a good alternative to natural stone siding. It is also known as engineered stone siding. It is produced from cement with iron oxide pigments which give the stone the appearance of real stone. The liquid material is then poured into moulds to form into stone-like shapes. Although engineered stone has a high resistance to the elements, it is still subject to damage in the course of time. Repairs can help you restore the fine appearance of your siding.

Step 1 – Cracks in Mortar

The mortar that joins the various faux stones together may become brittle with time and crack in places. This gives the siding a neglected appearance. Use a cold chisel to break the mortar and loosen it. Place the chisel slightly above the crack and tap firmly with a hammer to loosen the mortar.

Step 2 – Clear the Mortar

Brush away the loosened mortar with a wire brush. It will leave the grout line free to receive new mortar.

Step 3 – Prepare Mortar

Place the required amount of mortar and water in a small bucket. Mix with a stir stick until you get a thick consistency. Place some of the wet mortar in a grout bag.

Step 4 – Apply Mortar

Position the tip of the grout bag in the grout line. Squeeze out some mortar along the entire grout line. Be careful not to squeeze out an excessive amount as it will overflow onto the adjacent faux stones and leave you with a messy surface.


If some of the individual faux stones are chipped or broken, follow the steps below.


Step 5 – Remove Damaged Stone

Place your cold chisel on one point along the edge of the damaged stone. Tap the chisel with a hammer to loosen the mortar that secures the stone in place. Once the mortar cracks and begins to loosen, proceed to repeat the same action elsewhere along the edge of the stone. Work from several points around the stone until it loosens enough for you to extract it.

Step 6 – Clean

Use a wire brush to clear loosened mortar and debris from the site. Clear dust and dirt from the adjacent surface with a whisk broom so as not to leave scratches on your faux stone. Measure the empty space and get a faux stone that will fit. You may have to use a wet saw to cut the faux stone to size.

Step 7 – Install Replacement Faux Stone

Apply a thin coat of mortar in the empty space. Spread the mortar with your putty knife.

Take your replacement faux stone and spread some mortar all over the base. Press the stone firmly into the allocated space. Hold down for about 30 seconds to facilitate attachment.

Step 8 – Fill Grout Line

Place some mortar in a grout bag and squeeze into the groove around the stone. Be careful not to overfill the groove. Use a clean rag to clear any mortar that is out of place to leave you with a neat surface.