How to Repair Floor Fans

It’s the middle of a hot summer day, and suddenly your floor fans go out. Is all hope lost? Certainly not. Mastering simple fixes to your floor fans can help you avoid unnecessary repair bills and keep you cool no matter what time of year. Here are a few suggestions to try when your floor fan goes out.

Power Problems

Power can be disrupted by problems in the plug, cord or switch. Examine each piece for any breakage or damage. Use an ohm meter to verify that power is moving through. Replace these pieces if they’re responsible for the power lack. However, if the plug, cord and switch are working, your problem is your motor.


Foreign objects entering your motor may cause the mechanisms to stall. Open the grill and examine the central motor for any damage. Hairs and small objects can be pulled into the motor, damaging normal usability. Clearing the motor of obstructions may help return your floor fan to its normal power.

If cleaning your motor doesn’t help, look at the fan belt. If the belt is damaged, contact the manufacturer for a replacement. If you still can’t make your floor fan work, replace the motor.