How to Repair Garage Door Track Wheels

What You'll Need
Powdered graphite
Garage door lubricant
Household cleaner

Making repairs to your garage door track is not a piece of cake. But it is not that difficult to do either. With some knowledge and common sense, you can get it back to normal working condition with the use of some common tools, which can normally be found around the house. One of the most common problems encountered with a garage door is with the track wheels that allow the door to open and close smoothly. You do not need to have the services of a professional in order to make it work again. What you need to do is to gather the necessary tools and materials and follow some simple instructions, in order to bring it back to its optimum working order.

Step 1 - Inspecting Your Garage Door Track

Before doing any repair, check the metal tracks that are holding the wheels of your garage door. If there are obstacles that are blocking the wheel from rolling smoothly, you just need to remove them and not do any repair. If too much dirt had accumulated in the track, the wheels could get stuck on them too. Worse, they could cause the wheels to jump off track, making your repair chores more difficult.

Step 2 - Repairing the Garage Door Track

If it is the track that is preventing the wheels from rolling through smoothly, you need to determine where the bends and dents are. Work on them with the mallet until it is straight again. Only if you have straightened out all the ridges will the wheel roll throughout its entire length smoothly.

Step 3 - Aligning the Track

A misaligned track will also prevent the garage door wheels from rolling smoothly. To determine if it is in perfect alignment, use the level. Unaligned tracks are caused by screws that loosen over time. This causes the track to shift at an angle that is not at a right angle to the door of your garage. To set it right, look for any loose screws and tighten them using the screwdriver. If you find that the tracks are already in such a poor condition, you may just have to replace them since no amount of repair can bring them back to their original condition.

Step 4 - Lubricating Your Garage Door Track Wheels

If the garage door would still not roll properly, clean and lubricate the wheels using the garage door lubricant. Aside from dirt and grime, the grease which was used to lubricate it and other parts of the garage door before can harden in crevices over time. This will render your garage door dysfunctional. Hence, they need to be removed and the wheels lubricated again.

Step 5 - Clearing up the Debris

If it is dirt and debris that is fouling up your garage door wheels, it would be easy to remove them by using an ordinary home detergent. However, this will cause grease or lubricants to be stripped off as well so you need to lubricate the wheels again with the powdered graphite or with the garage door lubricant.