How to Repair Hot Water Dispenser Problems

A hot water dispenser operates like a faucet and usually provides trouble-free use for many years. However, you will want to know how to made simple repairs should a problem occur.

Step 1: Identify & Fix Water Leakage Problems

At times water can leak from the dispenser due to the hot water expanding due to the pressure caused by heating. Normally, this is not a problem. However, constant leakage may indicate a more serious problem with the valve. If you find constant leaking, check the water supply valve and tighten the nuts of the valve. If this does not help, the problem may be more serious. You need to clean the waterspout. You must check for any blockage after unscrewing the end piece from the waterspout. Replace it after wiping it off with the mixture of water and vinegar. This will surely help you.

Step 2: Checking Water Pressure Problems

Too low or too high water pressure can be a hot water problem too. You must adjust water temperature. Water expands as it heats and if the water temperature is set too high, a fully filled tank may be under constant pressure which ultimately be harmful to the dispenser. Normally heating elements of the dispensers are set by the technician who installs the unit or get it done directly from the factory. Hot water should never be set above 120 degrees F. In the case of water pressure being too low, it is advisable to see if the valve is open all the way. This might cause the pressure to be lowered. Hard water itself can be a problem related to pressure issues with hot water dispenser. Get your water tested or get a softener installed beforehand.

Step 3: Inspecting the Water Filter

Water filters generally needs replacing almost after every 6 to 12 months. Therefore, it is advisable to inspect the water filters regularly. The instructions for the replacement and the location of the filters depend entirely on your manufacturer. You must refer to the owner’s manual to have relevant information and further instructions.

Step 4: Checking Water Temperature Related Issues

You might face a problem where no or not enough hot water is produced. For this you must check the power cord. Most units plug in under the sink become loose or unplug if they are accidentally pulled on. Make sure to check that electric current is running if the cord appears to be connected. Unplug the unit and try plugging it in a nightlight. If it doesn't works then there must be some issue with the fuse box. It might need a replacement. Press the reset switch which will be on the front of the base unit. It usually is a red button. Press the switch on the unit and wait for 15 minutes. Then try the tap. If this does not works, then the heating element of a dispenser may need a replacement.