How to Repair Industrial Work Tables How to Repair Industrial Work Tables

What You'll Need
Screw drivers
Drilling machine
Protective clothing such as overalls
Working gloves
Measuring tape
Wood or metal glue
Metal file
Sand paper
Paint, polish or wood stain

There is a wide range of designs for industrial work tables. This should be taken into account when carrying out repair jobs on such furniture. They are usually made from different types of wood or steel. This should also be factored in when carrying servicing or repairing work tables.

Step 1 - Take Measurements

Start by inspecting the nature of repair to be carried out. For wooden tables, it is possible to replace broken stands or shelves. In this case, measure the dimensions of the surface or stand to be replaced. Get measurements for the width and length.

For metal tables, repairs can be done to replace rust or corroded pieces such as table stands or shelves. Get the correct size for pieces that need to be replaced using a measuring tape.

Step 2 - Assemble Necessary Materials

Buy the required quantities of wood or metal to be used for repairs. It is possible to buy ready to use table stands from hardware or supplies store. Ask for ready to use metal stands or surfaces. This can also be done for the pieces of wood.

Get nails, screws, and wood glue when repairing a wooden work table. For metal, buy enough screws.

Most of the tools required to repair work tables can be rented out from hardware or supplies stores.

Step 3 - Repair

Clear out a work space and collect all the materials required for the job. Get the wooden table and carefully remove the broken piece. Use a hammer to loosen the nail and dismount the spoilt piece. Take the new piece and place it in position. Use new nails to secure it in position. Fasten the new stand or surface by driving nails using a hammer. Wood glue can be used to secure the new surface.

For metal work table, use screw drivers to unfasten the spoilt pieces. Lay it is a position that makes it easy to carry out the repair. Get the new part and fix it using screws. Fasten them using a screw driver.

Step 4 - Apply Suitable Finishing

Use a sand paper to remove any dirt or unwanted particles on the new stand. Use wood stain or paint to finish off the job. Make sure that the entire table has the same look.

If the metal work table has a particular color or paint then this should also be done in the new piece. Use a metal file to get a smooth finish in the part that was replaced. A brush can be used to apply paint or vanish to have a consistent look.

Clean the work table by wiping any dirt or dust. This should have the wooden work table back in good condition.

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