How to Repair Internal Pinhole Corrosions of Copper Pipe

What You'll Need
Propane torch
Epoxy resin
Replacement copper pipe

Over time copper can corrode and become damaged, although pinhole corrosion damage to the inside of copper pipes is fairly rare it can be expensive to put right. By learning how to do this repair project yourself you can save yourself a fortune. There are a number of different methods which can be used to repair internal pinhole corrosion of copper pipe depending on the extent and cause of the problem.

 Step 1 - Assessing the Damage

Take a look at the pipe and decide on the type of damage that's being caused. If the damage is fairly minor then it might be possible to patch the pipe to sort it out, however, in some circumstances the only option might be to cut and replace the pipe. Spend time deciding exactly what you want to do so that you can get repair and sort out the problem the best you possibly can.

Step 2 - Deciding on a Course of Action

Once you have taken a look at the problem it's then time to try and decide exactly how you are going to correct it. There are a few different options that you can take to fix corroded copper pipe, some of these are fairly simple repairs but others are much more complicated.

Copper pipe corrosion is very rare, however it can be pretty expensive to correct. You must carefully choose the best option to sort out your corroded copper pipe.

Step 3 - Soldering the Pipes

If there are very small pinhole corroded areas of the pipe then the problem could be solved by soldering the pipe. Solder is a metal with a fairly low melting point, this means that it's very easy to work with. When soldering pipes you can first start by applying flux to the area of damaged pipe. Then a propane blow torch is used to heat up the pipe until the flux starts to melt. At this point solder is applied where it will melt and fill the gap. This solution works well for repairing minor damage, however, it does require specialist tools.

Step 4 - Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin can also be applied to the inside of the pipes to seal any small gaps. This is a much easier solution to soldering because the resin can be applied easily be pouring it down the pipes. This also creates a very strong bond because it's a substance which is non-water soluble.

Step 5 - Cutting and Replacing Pipe

Another option is to cut out the section of pipe using a hacksaw, after this you can then use connectors and solder to connect the 2 sections of pipe together.

Step 6 - Re-plumbing House

The most expensive option is to re-plumb your whole house, this is very costly and although it will cure the problem for now there's no way to guarantee that it will never happen again.