How to Repair Jalousie Windows

  • 1-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 5-50
What You'll Need
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Jalousie windows are the typical crank out window that is found in most homes. Instead of a double hung window where you can move the window panes up or down, the jalousie window is a window that has a crank and opens the window outward instead of up. There are times when this type of window has some mechanical problems with the crank itself. When this happens you do not have to replace the window. Many times the repair is easy to do. Here are some common problems and repairs for jalousie windows.

Step 1 - Apply Oil to Sticking Window

The mechanical workings of jalousie windows are metal and are exposed to the elements when they are open. This means that they are susceptible to rusting and building up grime over time. When this happens the mechanism will stick and cause the window to work very hard or not open, or close, at all. Use some WD-40, or some type of silicone lubricant, to free the mechanisms so that it will work again.

Step 2 - Replace Crank Handle

One of the more popular problems with this type of window is that the handle will continue to fall off each time that you crank the window out or in. This is because the inside of the crank has been stripped and will not sit right on the gear. When this happens you will need to replace it with an inexpensive handle.

Step 3 - Move Window Stops

After you use the jalousie window for some time it will have a tendency to move the stops out further than what they should be. There are basically metal stops that are secured with a set screw along the track. When the stops are pushed out further, by the banging of the arm against them, it will take the window to a point where the crank will not work. You can fix this problem by first giving the window a little push from the outside as someone cranks it in from the inside. Once the crank is closed, remove the screen and crank out the window a little until you can access the stop. Move it back in to its original position and the window should work again.

Step 4 - Replace Bent Arm

If someone has cranked a little too hard on the window and the metal arm bends you will need to replace it with a new one. The metal arm is attached to the assembly by a few screws that are easily removed. This will give your window a greater range when it opens.

Step 5 - Replace Broken Rivet

In some jalousie windows the opening mechanism is held in place by a single rivet. After it is used for several years, the rivet head can break off which will cause the window to fail to open. To fix this you will have to drill out the broke rivet and then replace it with a new one. Be careful as you drill out the rivet that you do not elongate the hole or make it any larger.

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