How to Repair Jammed Motorized Skylight Shades

  • 2 hours
  • Intermediate
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What You'll Need

Motorized skylight shades are window treatments that can be easily operated without having to manually hook, pull, or push the shades into position. However, if the motor gets stuck, you're back to manual operation. Read the instructions below for tips on fixing a jam motorized shades.

Step 1 – Investigating the Cause of the Issue

The motorized skylight shades can get stuck depending on a variety of factors. Some of the most common areas to verify include the roller, the fabric, and the tension cable assembly. It may be that the tension cable has detached itself from the roller and got stuck while opening or closing. The fabric may get stuck in the box as well if the mounting clips have been detached from the roller. Sometimes, the roller may be the culprit. Any loose or damaged part controlling the roller can get it to stop working.

Step 2 – Opening the Box on Top of the Shades

User manuals may not contain instructions on how to open the box that is housing the rollers and the tension cable assembly. In this case, request a service manual from the manufacturer’s website. Opening that box is the key to determining what is causing it to get stuck if it is not visible on the outside.

Study the service manual thoroughly to get an idea of where to find the mounting hardware holding the box in place. Remove the mounting hardware and pull out the box cover to expose the internal parts of the device.

Step 3 – Repairing Stuck Tension Cables

If the tension cables have come off of the wheels attached to the roller, reattach them properly to fix the issue. Make sure that the cables are in good condition. If any of the cables have been cut, do not tie them up. That will eventually cause future problems. Instead, purchase new cables to replace damaged ones.

Step 4 – Repairing Stuck Fabric

The fabric is attached to the roller using mounting clips. If these clips are loose or damaged, they may cause the fabric to get stuck to the roller. Detach the roller from the box, detach the cables, and unroll the fabric. Re-attach any loose clips or replace them with new ones if they are rusty or damaged. Reattach the cables and the roller afterward.

Step 5 – Repairing Loose Motor Parts

Loose, damaged, or corroded motor parts may also be the cause of the issue. Investigate each motor part to check if they have become loose or damaged. Check the drive tube, the mounting nuts, and the spring mechanism as well. If any of these parts are damaged, remove them from the system and replace them with new ones. If they are simply loose, make sure to tighten them very well.

After fixing the issue, check to make sure that all parts are intact. Before putting the cover of the box back on, turn on the motorized skylight shades to find out if all parts are working smoothly. Secure the cover to complete the repair.