How to Repair Laminate Countertop Scratches

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  • 3-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 25-40
What You'll Need
Lint-free cloths
White vinegar
Car wax
Wood filler
Wood stain (optional)
Putty knife
Rubbing alcohol
Laminate paper paste
Lemon oil
Lint-free cloth
Porcelain repair kit
Popsicle stick

Although they are durable, normal wear and tear may create a need to repair laminate countertop scratches. Scratches become more noticeable over time, detracting from the beauty of your plastic or wood laminate countertop. Knowing how to make your own repairs can save you the expense of having to replace them.

Repairing Surface Scratches

Use a soft lint-free cloth and white vinegar to clean and disinfect your wood laminate countertop. Allow it to air dry thoroughly. Apply car wax to the countertop using a circular motion. Allow car wax to sit for 10 minutes. Use another lint-free cloth to buff out the wax using a circular motion until all the wax is removed. This will not only diminish the appearance of surface scratches, but will leave a nice shine. Reapply car wax to your wood laminate countertop as needed.

Deep Scratches

Choose a wood filler that matches the color of the wood, or purchase a matching wood stain to add to it. Clean your countertop with a lint-free cloth using white vinegar. Allow it to thoroughly air dry. Mix wood filler and stain, if needed, according to package directions.

Use a putty knife to firmly press the wood filler into the deep scratches in the countertop. When filled, use the putty knife to smooth the surface until level with the countertop. Allow the filler to dry according to package directions before applying a thin coat of lacquer sealer to protect and restore the shine.

Plastic Laminate Repair

Surface Cuts and Scratches

The laminate paper paste comes in various colors to match your countertop, and colors can be mixed to achieve as close a match as possible. Clean your plastic laminate countertop with rubbing alcohol. Dry with a lint-free cloth and allow to air dry completely.

Use a putty knife to fill cuts with laminate paper paste, pressing small amounts into cuts and spreading it over scratched areas. Smooth the countertop with the putty knife until the laminate paper paste is level with the countertop. Allow the paste to dry for 24 hours. It will harden as it dries.

When the paste is completely dry, use a lint-free cloth and a small amount of lemon oil to polish the countertop and restore the shine. Repeat a couple of times a month to keep your laminate countertop looking beautiful.

Deep Cuts and Scratches

Purchase a porcelain repair kit from your local home supply store. They come in various colors to match your countertop. Clean the countertop with rubbing alcohol, dry it with a lint-free cloth and allow it to air dry thoroughly.

Mix the porcelain epoxy according to package directions. Apply it to the deep cuts and scratches using a toothpick to press it into each area. Smooth each surface with a wooden popsicle stick, making sure the porcelain epoxy is smooth and level with the surface. Allow it to dry according to package directions. Your plastic laminate countertop will look almost as good as new.

You can repair rather than replace your laminate countertop and save a lot of money.