How to Repair Leaks in Basement Walls with Epoxy

cracked basement wall
  • 1-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 20-50
What You'll Need
Epoxy sealant or injectable epoxy
Dispensing tool
Wire brush
Putty knife

Basement walls will eventually crack. When the basement walls crack, water will certainly leak into space and cause moisture problems inside the basement. To avoid damage caused by moisture, it is necessary to repair the leaks as soon as possible.

One of the best ways to repair leaks and cracks is to use epoxy because this material leaves a more durable and stronger seal. Here is how to repair leaks in basement walls with epoxy.

Examine the Leaks

Thoroughly inspect the basement walls and determine the cause of the leaks first. If broken pipes inside the walls cause the leaks, then professional help may be required in order to repair the pipes inside the walls. If cracks in the walls caused the leak, then epoxy treatment can be an easy do-it-yourself repair.

Clean the Walls

Before sealing the cracks that cause leaks in the basement walls, make sure that the walls are clean. Use a wire brush to remove debris and dirt sticking on the walls. Make sure that the walls are dry as well, because the epoxy sealant may not stick to the wet material. Work on the cracks when it is not raining. Use a blower if necessary to dry the cracks completely.

Fill in Large Gaps with Mortar

Mix the mortar with water according to the manufacturer's directions. Fill in the large gaps with enough mortar to cover the crevices. Use a putty knife to drive the mortar deep into the gaps. Allow the mortar to dry.

Apply Epoxy Sealant

Mix a sufficient amount of epoxy material and hardener in a container. Place the mixture in a dispenser tool and apply it on the cracks filled with mortar. Allow the epoxy to dry. Use a sander to smooth the surfaces.

Sometimes, it is best to inject epoxy on the cracks for better results. If the above steps are insufficient, proceed with the next steps.

Use Injectable Epoxy

Injecting epoxy into the leaks or cracks is a better way to ensure that the leaks are repaired completely. After cleaning the cracks and allowing them to dry, prepare a mixture of epoxy in a container. Use a dispenser tool to inject the epoxy into the cracks. Allow the epoxy to harden.

Seal The Basement Walls

After repairing the cracks, sand the surfaces of the walls to prepare them for sealing. Make sure that every crack on the walls is repaired before proceeding. Prepare an epoxy sealant according to the manufacturer's instructions. Spray the epoxy sealant to every surface of the walls. Do not leave any surface untreated. If necessary, apply a second coating after the first coating has dried. Allow the treatment to dry. Afterward, paint the room if desired.