How to Repair Leaning Bookshelves

What You'll Need
Wood Glue
Claw Hammer
Sand Paper
Piece of Wood
Work Bench

Leaning book shelves are much different from ordinary wood bookshelves as they do not have very wide shelves that can hold large books. Many times, they comprise of simple wooden frames with flat pieces of wooden boards attached to them, and can be easily broken. Read the following article to learn how to repair your bookshelves.

      Step 1: Identify

      Identify the part of the shelf that needs repair.  

      Step 2: Separate the Damaged Part

      If the damaged part needs to be separated from the entire wooden book shelf, separate them by using the hammer and other necessary tools, and place them on the floor or bench. 

      Step 3: Shape the Wood Piece

      Shape the right piece of wood using the tools available and place it into the right full joint by using the right amount of wood glue.

      Step 4: Clamp the Parts :

      Clamp the fixed parts and leave them to dry completely before removing the clamp and painting it to match the rest of the wooden book shelves. 

      After leaving the wooden book shelves to dry for some time, the shelves are ready to be used again.