How to Repair or Replace a Water Outlet Cap

What You'll Need
Replacement Water Outlet Cap
3-in-1 Oil or Liquid Wrench (for lubrication)

A water outlet cap is a piece that is found on a boat. To repair or replace a water outlet cap, you need to remove the old cap and put  a new one in its place. A replacement water outlet cap can be purchased for about $50. You can also attempt to repair the piece, but this may cost more time than its worth. This article will discuss the process for removing the old water outlet cap and replacing it with a new one.

Step 1: Purchase a Replacement Water Outlet Cap

Go to a marine supply store or find an online retailer that sells water outlet caps. Find a replacement part that matches the one you have. Consult with the owner’s manual for your boat to determine the specific part number of the cap that you need. If you are unable to locate the owner’s guide or the part number, follow Step 2 to remove the old cap and take it to the retailer.

Step 2: Remove the Old Cap

Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the 3 screws holding the water outlet cap’s flange in place. Remove the screws carefully so that they are not stripped during the process. Apply some lubrication such as Liquid Wrench or 3-in-1 oil to the screws if necessary to get them to loosen up before removing them from the flange.

Place the screws to the side so that they can easily be retrieved when placing the new water outlet cap on your boat.

Step 3: Install the Replacement Water Outlet Cap on the Boat

Remove the replacement part from its packaging. Place the cap in the place where the old piece was removed. Make adjustments to the flange with your hands until you are sure that it is seated perfectly in place and ready to be attached.

Step 4: Screw On the Replacement

Use the Phillips head screwdriver to attach the replacement part to the boat. Lubricate the screw holes so that it will be easier to screw the flange in place. Make sure that the cap and chain attached to the from of the water outlet cap are free and do not get tangled while attaching the flange to the boat.

This is the process for replacing and repairing the water outlet cap for your boat. If you do not know where the cap is located or are having problems locating it, consult the owner’s manual for your boat before beginning the replacement.