How to Repair Paint Chips How to Repair Paint Chips

What You'll Need
Putty knife

If you have a very carefully decorated room which has become damaged, you may need to repair paint chips around the room. There is nothing more annoying than a few paint chips which have come away from the wall, and they can sometimes mar what would otherwise be a perfectly designed room. If you want to fix the chips themselves, this can be easily done, but the problem is getting the paint work to look exactly right once you have repaired them. Even if you can only match the paint a little, this is better than going to the effort of repairing paint chips, only to find that the end effect looks worse.

Step 1 - Remove the Paint Chips

The first step is to take off the old paint chips which have been damaged. Remove any flaked paint, and anything behind it which looks as though it could come away from the wall. This will guarantee that you have a good flat surface on which to repair paint chips. If you did not take the time to remove all of these loosened chips , then you will find that your repair will be ineffective, as more paint chips will appear over the next few years. You can use a putty knife to take off the chips, although you should be careful not to dig too deeply into the area, causing damage.

Step 2 - Repair the Hole

You will now need to repair the hole that you made using spackle, or a similar compound for repairing walls. Put it on sparingly, using the putty knife to spread it on so that it is thick enough to cover the walls, but not so thick that it actually sticks out from the rest of the wall. You should allow the compound to fully dry before continuing with the repair of the paint chips.

Step 3 - Sanding the Spackle

Once the spackle is fully dry, you can then start to sand it gently. This will allow you to get the smoothness and flatness which you need in order to match the rest of the room. Gently sand over the surface so that the chip is no longer sticking out from the rest of the wall. You will now be able to paint the wall so that it matches the rest of the room.

Step 4 - Paint the Wall

If you wish, you can add a layer of primer to the area, and then allow it to dry. This is to ensure that the paint sticks to the finished area as best it can. If you have only repaired a small chip, then you may not need to add primer. You can then cover the area with a coat of paint the same or similar to that which you had previously used on the wall. Leave it to dry.

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