How to Repair Ping Pong Table Top Water Damage

ping pong paddle laying near the net on a table
What You'll Need
PVA wood glue
Flat piece of wood
Brush or scraper
Woodcraft clamps

One of the most common causes of damage to a ping pong table top is from water. Water and dampness can seep through the laminated surface of the table, damaging the bonded layer beneath and causing the ping pong table top to lift from its base. Before attempting to repair the damage, it is essential to move the table top to a dry place and to completely dry out the surfaces that have become damp. This can either be accomplished by leaving the table out in the strong sun or directing a blower heater at the lifted layer.

Step 1 - Choose Your Bonding Agent

A number of bonding agents are available for repairing a ping pong table top that has been damaged by water. The most effective is common PVA wood glue that is stocked by all hardware stores. You can use it as an alternative contact adhesive, though this is not as effective as wood glue, and more care must be taken with the surfaces to be treated.

Step 2 - Prepare the Table Top

Lift up the peeling laminate and prop it open so you can clean the two exposed surfaces. You can do this with a dry 1 to 2-inch paintbrush. Once you are satisfied that the two surfaces are clean, apply a thin coating of wood glue to each surface.

Step 3 - Apply Pressure

Wood glue makes an extremely strong bond between two surfaces, but it is essential to apply lots of pressure to the joint immediately after applying the adhesive. If you have woodcraft clamps, place a flat piece of wood on top of the bonded ping pong table top and clamp it tightly to the base. If you don’t have wood clamps, place some heavy weights on top of the wood and leave them in place overnight. The bond should be well set within 6 to 8 hours, and you can remove the weights.