How to Repair Plastic Panels How to Repair Plastic Panels

What You'll Need
Buffing Pad
Squeeze Bottle

Repairing plastic panels is an easy task to accomplish. When these panel are faced with the traumas of life, they require quick repair to restore them to their original beauty.

Step 1 - Washing

Take the detergent and wash the panel. By mixing the detergent with hot water, you get a nice mix that will be a strong cleaner. The grease and grime must be removed from the plastic panel, in order to begin the repair job.

Step 2 - Inspecting

Look over the panel and locate any scratches or damage. Also, check the panel for any indications of fogging. The sun can cause fogging, and this cannot be fixed if it is deep in the panel.

Step 3 - Cementing

Take a squeeze bottle and fill it with acrylic cement. Apply the cement on any cracks in the panel. Remember to only apply a thin layer of the cement. Too much cement may cause harm.

Step 4 - Buffing

Pick up your drill and connect the cotton buffing head to it. Begin buffing the scratched areas. After this is done, wipe the panel with a cloth.

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