How to Repair Rocking Chair Cushions

What You'll Need
Sewing needle and thread
Clothing iron
Sewing machine (optional)

If your rocking chair cushions become torn you can save a lot of money by repairing them yourself. Seams will eventually split, and minor rips and punctures are inevitable. The trick is to get the most wear out of your cushions before they need to be replaced, and to do that, you need need to know how to identify and correct the minor problems which are certain to happen. Having an automatic sewing machine and knowing how to use it will be helpful for the repairs, but it is not necessary.

Step 1: Assessing the Damage

Examine your rocking chair cushions carefully to determine what kind of repairs need to be made. Seams and straight-line tears can be repaired with a needle and thread, but other damage may require patching. Cigarette burns, puncture and tears with multiple edges would be better repaired with patches, since trying to sew a seam would cause the material to bunch up and the finished repair would be highly visible. If a tear crosses a seam, patch across the tear with a sewn patch, and then stitch the seam to retain the correct shape.

Step 2: Sewing the Seams

If the seams on a nursery rocking chair are coming apart, they can be closed up with an needle and thread of a matching color. If the edge of the seam don't fit together, compress the cushion padding between two flat surfaces, and the edges will fit easily. Use a double stitch for better hold, and tie the loose ends off securely. If you are not sure of your sewing prowess, use a triple stitch just to be sure that the seam will be able to hold up when it is under pressure.

Step 3A: Vinyl Patches

A vinyl modern rocking chair can be patched using special vinyl patches that are cut to fit the area being patched and stick on without any stitches or other methods. The problem with a vinyl patch is that it can be difficult to blend it into the design so that it is less noticeable. The advantage of a vinyl patch is that is the fastest, easiest way to repair a puncture or tear in a rocking chair cushion.

Step 3B: Iron-On Patches

Iron-on patches are great way to make the repair because you can purchase patches in different shapes and designs, make the cushion repair just part of the design. The drawback to iron-on patches is that you have to put a lot of heat on the surface, and some types of padding will begin to break down. Before you apply an iron on a patch, make sure that the cushion padding can handle the heat.

Step 3C: Sew-on Patches

Sew-on patches are available in the same wide variety as iron-on patches. Instead of putting on a patch that look like a hole has been patched, consider applying a small mushroom or star design that appears to be decorative, but is doing double duty.