How to Repair Rocking Chair Rockers

A rocking chair.
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 25-40
What You'll Need
Wood clamp
Wax paper
Drill machine

If the chair rocker of your rocking chair is broken, it is quite obvious that the rocking chair will not rock. Fixing the rocking chair is a simple task, provided you follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1 - Glue

Apply glue to both the rocker pieces together and make sure to select a strong wood glue.

Step 2 - Clamping

Get hold of the wood clamp and install it, to ensure that the two pieces are stuck to one another. You can use the wax paper to make sure that the clamp is supporting and does not stick to the wood.

Step 3 - Reinforcement

Reinforce the break. You would require a drill machine and drill a hole right inside the rocker, through the break. Then take some glue and spread it right inside the hole. With the help of a dowel, hammer it right in the hole. Let the chair to dry overnight.

Step 4 - Excess Dowel

Utilize a saw and remove the excess dowel inside the hole, once the glue is dry. Then cut the dowel off, so that it is flush with the rocker, smoothing it out with sandpaper.