How to Repair RV Shower Pans

Stacked fiberglass RV shower pans may seem like a big problem at first. There are easy and inexpensive solutions, though. A fiberglass RV shower pan can be fixed without the need to take the RV to a repairman. If the shower pan in your RV is made of fiberglass it will be an easy fix, whereas a plastic shower pan will require professional assistance. Fiberglass epoxy is readily available at most hardware stores.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Fiberglass epoxy
  • Paint brush or sponge applicator
  • Soap

Step 1 - Prepare the Surface

Clean the shower pan thoroughly with soap and water. Rinse well. Allow the shower pan to dry completely. Open a window or set up a fan for ventilation. Proper ventilation is essential when using epoxy products, as the fumes can be toxic.

Step 2 - Mix the Epoxy

The most unique feature of these epoxies is that they consist of two separate parts which must be combined carefully.  Depending on the manufacturer, this may involve mixing the chemicals directly. It could be necessary to apply the product in 2 steps, though, allowing a certain amount of time to pass between applications of the individual chemicals.

Step 3 - Apply the Epoxy

Use a paint brush or sponge applicator to apply a layer of epoxy to the damaged area of the shower pan. Cover the cracked or damaged section completely. Be certain to coat the area evenly. Allow to dry thoroughly. Once applied, fiberglass epoxy creates a powerful bond with the surface of the RV shower pan, resulting in a durable, lasting repair.