How to Repair Sagging Aluminum Gutters

What You'll Need
Gutter Screws
Super glue

After a long period of winter or bad autumn storms, you may find that your aluminum gutters have developed a severe sagging problem. Gutters that handled too much weight, particularly from ice and rain, tend to work their way free from the sides of the house and can even fall to the ground. This type of sagging gutter problem can lead to major difficulties, as once the gutter comes off your house completely you will have to call in an expert to repair it. In order to prevent the heavy costs of getting a piece of gutter fitted to your house by a plumber, you will have to do some repair work yourself. Depending upon the time you have available to you, you can repair your gutter quickly, and then come back and fix it properly at a later date.

Step 1 - Quick Repair

More than likely you will only spot the damage during a work day, when you will not have so much time to address it. In order to prevent the gutter from sagging any further before you get a chance to repair it, you will have to perform a quick fix. Do this by getting some gutter screws from your local home supply store. Using a ladder, remove the old gutter staples that have been damaged, and then push one of the gutter screws through the ferrule. Push the screw into the hole you have just exposed using your screwdriver. This is a simple repair that can be done in a few minutes.

Step 2 - Longer Lasting Repair

The quick repair is not a permanent solution to the problem, as the gutter screw can slip out of place even after it has been installed. In order to prevent your gutter from sagging in the long term, you can use another device that uses small lumps of wood to hold up the aluminum gutters. You will need to use your ladder again, removing the gutter staples and the ferrules that hold the staples in place. You may need to get some new ferrules for your gutter. Once you have done this, take some small pieces of wood and push them into the holes where the staples will be put. Push the spike of the staple into the new ferrule, and then into the wood strip.

Step 3 - Finishing off

Once you have either screwed the gutter into the hole or used wood to shore up the gutter, you will need to add a layer of super glue over the surface of the hole. This will help to create a super-tight bond in the hole, and it will keep you from having to repeat the process at a later date.