How to Repair Scratches in a Cultured Marble Countertop

Cultured marble countertops.
  • 1-2 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 40-60
What You'll Need
Protective eyewear
Two clean buffing pads
Rubbing compound
Cleaning cloth
Drying towel
Fiberglass paste wax
800-grit wet/dry sandpaper
Clean wool buffing pad

Cultured marble countertops are a popular choice for many decorators and homeowners. It is made from marble dust and polyester resin. Abrasive cleaners and bathroom products can sometimes scratch and damage the marble. The composition of cultured marble is a lot like fiberglass and can be repaired in much the same way that damaged fiberglass can be repaired. Rubbing compounds can be used on small scratches. Paste wax applied over the rubbing compound area will protect against future damage to the marble.


Put on your protective eyewear. If you are using an electric drill rather than one that is battery-powered, be extremely careful when using the tool near the sink. The drill should be unplugged when filling the sink with water to wash, wipe, and rinse the marble.

Prepare the Marble

Fill the sink with warm water. Add two squirts of liquid detergent to the warm water. Mix the water and soap until the solution is bubbly. Immerse a soft cleaning cloth into the warm, soapy water. Squeeze out any excess water. Clean the countertop with the cloth. Rinse the cloth in plain water. Wipe any soap residue from the counter.

Buff the Scratch

Securely connect the clean buffing pad to the drill. Pour 1 tablespoon of rubbing compound on to the area of the marble counter or sink that is scratched. Gently and carefully buff the marble until the scratch is gone. Continue with the buffing process if necessary.

Remove Residue Compound

Use the cleaning cloth to wash any buffing compound left on the marble countertop and sink. Use the drying towel to thoroughly dry the counter and sink.

Protect the Marble

Attach the other clean buffing pad to the drill. Apply a tablespoon of paste wax to the area of the marble counter or sink that had been buffed with the rubbing compound. Buff the paste wax into the cultured marble. The buffing process should continue until the countertop or sink shines.

Remove Deeper Damage

Use the 800-grit wet/dry sandpaper to sand away any deeper scratches in the cultured marble countertop or sink. Attach a wool buffing pad to the drill and buff the marble until it shines. Apply the paste wax to the area and buff again for protection.

Maintain the Marble

Regularly wax the cultured marble counter and sink with the paste wax. It will maintain the shine of the marble and protect the surface from scratches and stains. Cracks and broken marble is very difficult to repair. Be careful handling products with hard and heavy packaging near the marble, to prevent any damage from dropped items. Hard water spots can form on the countertop and sink. These spots can be dissolved with vinegar. Pour a cup of vinegar into a spray bottle. Spray the spots and allow the vinegar to sit on the area for an hour. Wipe away the vinegar and water spots.