How to Repair Solar Roller Shades

What You'll Need
Cutting pliers
8-penny nail

Solar roller shades is a great alternative to blinds or window drapes since they are easy to open and close by simply pulling one side of the metal string. There are ones that do not have a string and all you have to do it just to tug it down and then you can adjust the opening. Solar shades are great because although they are closed you cans till view the outside while blocking the sunlight. The inside of the home cannot be seen from the outside so this is also great for privacy.

One problem roller shades experience is that the pin that holds the roller shades on the spinning brackets wears of and finally breaks. You will know when these pins are broken when the moment you tug or pull on the string the whole roller shades break off from it support and falls of. The tension can be a problem as well. It can either be too tight or too lose. Here is what you can do.

Step 1 - Check Both Sides of the Roller Shades

The moment the whole shade falls off, it means that the supporting pins are broken. It could be only one side has both pins have worn out or both. Take your pliers and pull out the pins from the roller shades.

Step 2 – Drive Nails in the Holes

Place an 8-penny nail in both the supporting pin holes. Hammer it down until only half an inch of the nail body can be seen.

Step 3 - Cut the Nail Head

Cut the nail head using a pair of cutting pliers. Point the pliers down while you are cutting the head or else it could fly and hit your eye.

Step 4 – Hang Solar Roller Shades

Hang the solar roller shades using the nails as replacement for the pins on its supporting brackets on the window. Test the roller shades for its tension.

Step 5 - Tighten the Spring Tension

If the spring tension is too loose, pull the shades halfway and remove the shades from the supporting brackets and lay it on a clean surface. Now roll the shades evenly by hand on the tube until you roll it up all the way. This will help the roller shades’ spring tension to tighten up. Hang the shades again and check it the tension is much better. If it need more tightening repeat the process but this time, when you roll up the shades on the tube, tighten the roll more.

Step 6 - Loosen the Spring Tension

If the spring tension is too tight, roll the shades all the way to the top and then remove it from the brackets. Lay it once again on a clean surface. Unroll the shades by hand until you evenly unroll it halfway.  This will help loosen the tight spring tension. Replace the roller shades back up on the roller support brackets and then test if the tension is better. Repeat process until you find a tension that works for you.