How to Repair Sprayed on Truck Bed Liner How to Repair Sprayed on Truck Bed Liner

What You'll Need
Thick bristled nylon paintbrush
Spray truck bed liner
Mild detergent
Steel wool
Paint sprayer
Tack cloth
Masking tape
Disposable paint tray

A truck bed liner is a great addition to any truck. If you want to increase the value of your truck, protect the bed liner or want to reduce noise then a truck bed liner is a safe bet. Very seldom is a truck bed liner covered by a warranty either by the truck manufacturer or the maker of the truck bed liner. The truck bed liner can break, chip and scratch when it dries. You will have to repair the truck bed liner yourself in most cases and this article will show you how.

Step 1 - Surface Preparation

In order to get a good bond with the truck bed liner you need to begin with a clean surface. Place your truck in an area that is well lit and protected from the elements. Mix a small amount of the mild detergent with the water just until it is slightly soapy. Dip a rag in the soapy water and scrub down the truck bed liner and then dry off with a dry towel. If the area you are fixing is broken to the metal and rusting then use the steel wool to remove the rust and the tack cloth to remove the dust. Also use the steel wool to scuff up the surface of the area around the damage. This allows the spray on liner to grip to the old liner.

Step 2 - Filling Large Breaks

Fixing a sprayed on truck bed liner is fairly easy to do. A large area that needs to be repaired takes no time at all. Read the instructions on the paint sprayer thoroughly before using it as each one may differ in how they are used. Use a paint sprayer that requires an air compressor as the pump style of sprayer may not have the power enough to correctly spread the truck bed liner. Use masking tape to tape off area that you do not want to spray. Fill the paint sprayer with the truck bed liner material and, following the application instructions on the product, apply it to the current truck bed liner. Spray the liner 1 or 2 inches over the actual repair site in order to allow the liner to dry and attach to the old liner. This will help maintain the strength of the truck bed liner. Let the truck bed liner cure for at least 2 to 3 days.

Step 3 - Fixing Surface Cracks and Scuffs

Do not worry about using a paint sprayer for these small jobs as the application is much simpler. Pour the truck bed liner material into a disposable paint tray. Dip the brush into the truck bed liner material and gently dab it over the scuffs you want to repair. If you are dealing with small fissures then let the brush hover over it to allow the material to drip between the cracks. Let the material cure for at least 3 days.

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