How to Repair Squeaky Bike Tires

What You'll Need
Bike lubricant (drip or spray)
Lighter fluid
A piece of clean cloth
A piece of cardboard
A piece of emery cloth
An adjustable wrench

Old bike tires can make an annoying noise. In most cases, the noise is caused by inappropriate maintenance. Depending on what your bike’s problem is, the noise can get louder as you are either accelerating or decelerating.

You will only need a few items. In most cases, the noise is generated by the contact between metal and rubber parts, due to a toe-in problem. Lubricating them and centering the brake pad and the rim are easy tasks. Doing so usually resolves the issue. Squeaky bike tires are generally easy to fix. Follow these easy steps to do it in a pinch.

Step 1 - Apply Lubricant to Chain

A dry chain is a common cause of squeaks in bikes.Position your bike upside-down so that you can work on it. Apply lubricant to the chain. Check the bike’s rollers. Make sure to lubricate them. Wipe off the excess of lubricant with a clean cloth. In this manner, you prevent dirt from building up. To avoid having a squeaky bike, you should lubricate your chain every 2 weeks.

Step 2 - Apply Lubricant Between Side Plates and Pulleys

Put the bike on its side. Apply lubricant oil drops between the side plates and the pulleys. Make sure you apply enough oil to saturate them. Allow the oil to penetrate the entire surface. Clean the excess oil with a piece of cloth to prevent dirt buildup.

If the derailleur pulleys are not lubricated, your bike will squeak as you pedal faster. If the pulleys still squeak after being lubricated, you need to take them apart. Clean and grease each component before you reassemble it.

Step 3 - Adjust the Brake Pads

The brakes can make a squeaky noise, so you need to adjust the brake pads. The front part of the pad needs to toe-in, or hit the rim, before the rear of the brake pads. Insert a piece of cardboard behind the rear of the brake pad and the rim to keep the rear of the pad slightly away from the rim. Use an adjustable wrench to tighten the bolt which fixes the brake pad and the brake arms. Make sure they are securely tightened. If the pads are old, you should replace them.

Step 4 - Clean the Wheel Rims

Use lighter fluid, or other type of solvent, to clean the bike wheel rims. The dirt and residue along the rims might be the source of the squeaking. There may be some rubber deposits on the rim, or dirt buildup. Use a piece of emery cloth to scuff the entire residue. Make sure the solvent you use is not too aggressive. The emery cloth should be both hard enough to remove dirt and soft enough not to scratch your bike.

Step 5 - Lubricate the Brakes

Lubricate the area where the brake arms are connected to each other. Put lubricant on the connection between the brake arms and the frame. Make sure you apply enough lubricant to soak in. Wipe the excess oil with the cloth. Check the opening of the brake and derailleur’s cables opening. Drip lubricant into the opening. Clean up any excess oil.