How to Repair Stuck Blackout Roller Blinds

Blackout roller blinds are very popular in modern housing design. These blinds feature a blackout backing which prevents sunlight from entering the room at all, and can be useful in a room that is directly facing the sunlight at noon. Like all roller blinds, blackout roller blinds can sometimes become stiff or stuck, and you will have to perform a quick repair on them to get your blinds working again.

Repairing Your Blackout Roller Blinds

To start your repair, you will need to remove the blinds from the rods which hold them up. Do this carefully, so that the rods remain attached to the wall. You should also take care not to damage the fabric when removing the blind. Once the blind is free of the rod, check the spring or ratchet for stiffness or damage. This device is on the left hand side of the blind, and lets you lower or raise the blinds. One side will have a square pin feature, and this is the ratchet you need to examine.

Clean out all dust and debris of the ratchet, if possible. You may need to scrape out the area with a pin, or even replace the ratchet if you cannot clean it. Once the ratchet is clear, replace the rods and blinds, and try the roller blind again. It should now lift without any problem.