How to Repair the Curtain Track on a Bay Window

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  • 3 hours
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What You'll Need
Piece of curtain track
Coat hanger

A bay window is an attractive feature in many homes, but the curtain track around the window is a very complicated thing, and if part of that track becomes damaged, it is often a case of having to replace the entire piece, rather than trying to repair it. However, if you are a keen home improvement fan, and wish to take the extra time and effort to repair your bay window curtain track, then there are a few ways in which this can be done. Follow these simple rules to allow you to complete the job in a day.

Knowing the Types of Curtain Track

Your bay window can have a number of different curtain tracks holding up the material, and which one you have will very much affect what type of repair you can do. There are three different styles of curtain track: the bi-parting track, where the curtains open in the middle, the single draw, where the curtain is pulled open from one end, and the walk-a-long, where the curtain is pulled around manually. The latter type is often used on bay windows, as the problems of getting the cord to pull around corners outweigh any advantage. In addition, your bay window track may be either molded to the shape of the window, or it may be formed of cut straight tracks which have been fitted together.

Assessing the Damage

You will have to remove the curtain track from the wall in order to examine the damage. This is easily done if the track is a cut straight-track with a walk-a-long style. If this is the kind of track you have, you could probably take it down yourself. For fitted tracks or those with cords, you will need the assistance of a friend to hold the track while you unscrew it. Once it is down, examine the damaged area.

Fixing a Crack in Wood

If your track has developed a break in the wood, usually near the location of a screw hole, then you have two options, you can either close the crack with a metal strip and nails, or you can make a second hole in the wood, and glue the crack with a silicate adhesive. For a molded bay window curtain track, you may wish to saw off the broken end and add a flexible plastic ending, fixing it in place with glue.

Fixing a Crack in Metal

If your metal curtain track is split, you will probably have to remove it completely. Use a metal cutter to trim off the rod close to the area of the damage, while removing all of the cracks. Discard the piece which is damaged. You can add a replacement curtain track to a straight-rail walk-a-long, but a molded track will probably have to be repaired by a professional.

Repairing the Track

A common problem with the track is "sticking," where the curtain can't be drawn any further. Examine the track for dirt and grit that is caught in the rail, and also add a mixture of oil and moisturizer to the surface of the rail, as this may help it to run more smoothly.