How to Repair the Springs in a Murphy Bed

What You'll Need
Regular Screwdriver
Electric Screwdriver
Socket Wrench

A Murphy bed may not be very common anymore, but they are still used in many apartments in New Yorkl and San Francisco. Knowing how to replace springs is necessary, they can be replaced quickly and easily.

Safety First

The springs that Murphy beds use are very tight, do not try to stretch them with your hands. You should use a manual screwdriver to stretch them out.

Step 1: Buying Replacement Springs

You will need to the replacement springs from the bed's manufacturer in order to get the right size. You can order them either on the phone or online. Make sure to have the model number handy. It is very important that you do not try to buy them at a hardware store, because they will not fit properly or be as tight as they need to be. If you cannot contact your bed's manufacturer, you may need to contact another manufacturer and purchase their replacement springs. It is best to buy them from a Murphy bed manufacturer for the best selection and high quality springs. Though if you are in a tight time crunch, you can try to buy springs that are meant for fold-away couch beds because they should work about the same way and be tight enough.

 Step 2: Take Apart the Murphy Bed

Most Murphy beds are either attached to a cabinet or closet, taking it apart will vary for each bed. Basically, you will need to  pull down the bed and remove the mattress from the frame. Then, you will need to remove the frame or cradle and start removing the old springs. You may need a friend to help hold it up. You can also use the owners manual on how to put the bed back together.

Step 3: Install the New Springs in

Using a regular screwdriver, gently and slowly remove the old springs. It may take some prying on your behalf, but you should be able to remove it. If you still are having a hard time removing them, rub a little oil on them. Once they are removed, you can replace them with the new springs. Remember to use the manual screwdriver to help stretch the new springs. Do not do that with your hands, because if they pop back into place they can cause serious injuries. Hold the screwdriver loosely and keep your hands on the edge of the handles. This will keep them safe from any springs popping back into place and prevent injuries.

Step 4: Put the Bed Back Together

If you removed the cradle or frame, install that where it belongs. Even if you did not remove it, you may want to tighten the screws that hold it in place. Once the frame is secure, you can place the mattress back on it. You can also add bolts or screws on the mattress to hold it in place. Once everything is back together and secure.