How to Repair the Track of Bifold Shower Doors

What You'll Need
Pry bar
Caulk remover
Utility knife

Through daily use, bifold shower doors tend to de-rail from its tracks. This can be due to forceful ballistic movements when opening and closing the door. A normal bifold door opens not by an in and out motion, but more of side to side. When tracks are broken, the best way to solve this is by either reshaping the mangled track or replacing the broken track. Before installing a new track, the old one should be removed. Replacement kits can be bought for your bifold shower doors. It will all depend on the brand or design or your bifold door. Take note of measurements, model or brand of your bifold shower doors and take it to your local hardware to get exact track replacement.

Step 1 – Uninstall the Shower Doors

When you look at the overhead tracks, it will usually show you how easy it is to remove these doors. It usually requires a lift and off movement. Lean it on a wall to make sure it doesn’t fall or break on anyone or anything. It is best to put cloth that has traction on the bottom part so the door doesn’t slide down and break. You wouldn’t want to replace a door as well while you’re at the process of repairing your track.

Step 2  - Remove the Upper Track of the Door

Take your hammer and remove the upper track for your shower door by hammering upward at one side to loosen the rail. Once you do this you may try to pull it off.

Step 3 – Remove the Screws

Using your screwdriver, unscrew anything that needs to be removed. Remember to keep these small parts aside so you do not lose them.

Step 4 – Check Caulk                      

Check caulk used on the sidepiece and bottom tracks of the shower doors. Use your utility knife to remove any caulking around the edges. Now using your crowbar, remove sidepieces. You do not want to loosen any tiles from the walls so you have to be very gentle. Loosen the bottom tracks and pry off using your crowbar

Step 5  - Clean Up the Remaining Caulk

Using your utility knife, clean up the remaining caulk or any leftover material from the old tracks. Use a handheld vacuum to ensure no debris is left.

Step 6  - Install

Take your new track kit and install. Install the doors that you removed earlier carefully and gently. Before putting away materials, make sure that the doors are sliding perfectly. Any instability should be observed as it is not safe because glass doors are very dangerous when it breaks. Oil can be used to smooth the movement on the tracks. Maintenance cleaning of tacks is very important too as dirt and grime tend to collect on these tracks making it hard to open or close the door. And lastly, inform people in your home the proper movement of a bifold door to avoid any derailment in the future. It’s side to side, not in and out.