How to Repair the Water Pump in an Evaporative Fan

What You'll Need
New water pump
Filter basket
New pump hose
Pump hose clamps
Bleed tee
Bleed tee cap
Bleed line

Using an evaporative fan in your home is a safe and environment-friendly way to supply a room with cool air without having to spend so much on traditional air conditioning systems. More commonly known as a swamp coller, an evaporative fan makes use of a water source, its reservoir, that needs to be at least 3 to 5 inches deep. This water goes to a distributor through a water pump, and is then is sent to a wet cell that serves as an air filter. Air is pumped over this, and the result is cool air that circulates around the room where you installed the evaporative fan. The most common failure in an evaporative fan is with the water pump. Knowing how to repair it yourself can save you money. 

Step 1- Diagnose Your Water Pump 

Open the panel located at the side of the evaporative fan. Find the water pump of your fan located inside the panel. The water pump must be turned on. While the pump is running, carefully take off the pump hose or the bleed tee cap of the evaporative fan. Examine whether or not water is properly pumping into the evaporative fan. If there seems to be a problem, then proceed to the next step. 

Step 2 - Turn Off Power

Before removing the existing water pump to repair it, you will need to shut off the power source of your evaporative fan and unplug the unit. This is to assure that you do not accidentally hurt yourself while in the process of repairing the water pump. You may need to purchase additional clamps or connecting devices in order to perform the repair. 

Step 3 - Remove Pump Hose Clamp

Use your pliers and pinch two ends of the pump hose clamp. Move the pump hose clamp until you are able to remove it from one end of your pump hose. You will now need to remove the bleed line. This is located with your unit’s bleed tee. A bleed line is described as being ¼ inches in length, and it is a soft tube-like device which goes through the bleed tee. It goes out through the drain or the pipe for overflow located at the bottom of your evaporative fan, then out through the roof. 

Step 4 - Install New Water Pump

Install a new water pump to repair your evaporative fan. Simply connect the pump hose of your evaporative fan to the bleed tee. After this, connect the bleed tee to the water pump itself. The other side of the pump hose must be connected to the water distributor of the fan unit. You can now reassemble all the parts you removed such as the bleed line. Plug in your evaporative fan and switch the power source back on. Turn on your evaporative fan to check if the repair works.