How to Repair Torn Canvas Camping Tents

What You'll Need
Canvas cement
Seam sealant
Strong wax thread
2 Waterproof canvas repair patches
Sewing needle or awl

Canvas camping tents can begin to get expensive if you attempt to replace them every time that there is a hole in them. You will find that learning how to repair the tears will allow you to save a lot of money and keep your canvas camping tent around for a long time to come. Canvas is a sturdy material, so it is not often that it will become torn or ripped, however, whenever it does, knowing how to fix it when it happens will help you out in a pinch.

Step 1 – Sew

Get out your needle and thread so that you can sew up the hole. Make sure that whenever you are sewing that you do the stitches in a short pattern that is neat and very close together.

Step 2 – Cover

Once the area has been properly sewed, you will be ready to cover it. A piece of waterproof canvas needs to be cut. Make sure that the piece that you cut is big enough where it will be able to overlap the tear completely. The area that is surrounding the tear may be weak so it is a good idea to cover some of the surrounding area as well. You will need to patch both the inside of the tent. Round the corners of the canvas with a pair of scissors before you move on to the next step.

Step 3 – Inside Patch

You will now need to get your needle and thread back out so that you can sew the patch into place. You will begin by sewing the patch that is on the inside. The stitches that surround the patch will need to be small so that the hole will not have a chance to spread at all, it will also help to secure the flaps.

Step 4 – Outside Patch

Using your canvas cement, you will need to cover the outside patch. Make sure that the outside patch is completely centered over the sewn hole where the tear is in your tent. Hold down the patch and press it into place. Make sure to read the instructions that go with the canvas tent to ensure that it dries properly. Each type of sealant is different and may have different drying times and instructions. You will need to read the directions thoroughly before you begin to work with the canvas cement.

Step 5 – Canvas Seam Sealer

You will need to go along each of the edges of both of your patches with canvas seam sealer. Read the instructions to know how much that you will need to apply. A generous amount will be necessary. This needs to be done to make sure that the stitches do not begin to become undone and that the area remains completely watertight.