How to Repair Wood Chair Finish How to Repair Wood Chair Finish

What You'll Need
Safety Glasses
Dust Mask
Paint Stripper
Sanding Block
Tack Rag
Paint, Stain or Varnish
Paint Brushes

The method and products you use to repair your wood chair finish depends on the existing finish and whether you wish to renew the original or replace it with an alternative. If the chair you wish to repair has a colored back but the rest is just stained wood, you will need to remove the entire coloring from every part of the chair back.

Step 1 – Stripping

Strip the old finish from the chair. In the case of painted chair backs, use paint stripper for that and the varnished seat. Follow the instructions for correct use of the paint stripper and use the safety glasses and mask.

Step 2 – Scraping

Scrape off the peeled paint when the stripper has done its work. Use a small pointed scraper for getting into small tight areas.

Step 3 – Sanding

Sand the entire chair with fine grit sandpaper. You can employ a small orbital sander for the seat if you wish but a sanding block will suffice. Sand the whole chair until smooth, so that the new finish will bond correctly and wipe the chair down with a tack rag.

Step 4 – Paint, Stain or Varnish

This application is according to your own personal preference. Whatever you choose to re-finish your kitchen chair will be applied according to the instructions for use. Apply the finish coating with a paint brush and leave it to dry. Wet/Dry finely and re-coat.

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