How to Repair Wood Patio Table Legs

What You'll Need
Wood dowel
Wood glue
Sharp wire or finish nail

Wood patio tables are not as common as plastic and glass in today’s society, but they have an original look that seems natural and can be much more stylish than the patio sets that are being built and sold by manufacturing companies today. Even though this task may seem to be a project for a professional carpenter, it is actually a job that the majority of homeowners could accomplish within a matter of hours.

Step 1 - Disassemble the Broken Leg

Flip the table upside down and place it on its top. If the table was assembled with screws, use a screwdriver to disassemble the pieces. If it was nailed together, carefully pry it apart with a small pry bar and a hammer. Either way, make sure that you do not break any of the pieces that you plan to fix, otherwise you will have to replace them instead of repairing them.

Step 2 - Drill Holes and Insert Dowels

Use a 1/8 inch drill bit that matches the size of the dowel and pre-drill holes, 3/8 inches deep, into the leg that you are repairing. Now place a small sharp piece of wire, or a finish nail with the head snipped off, into the hole. Place the leg back onto the table and firmly press together, forming a pilot hole for the next hole that you need to drill. Pre-drill this hole exactly the same size and depth as the first one.

Add some wood glue into the hole that was drilled into the bottom of the table and slide the dowel into place. Use a camp to hold it tightly in place while it dries. If you have any excess amounts of glue squeezing out of the hole, wipe it off with a wet rag before it dries.

Step 3 - Assemble the Table

Put some wood glue into the hole in the leg and push the leg back into place, making sure that the dowel goes into the hole that you have pre-drilled. Attach the leg back onto the bottom of the table with screws and allow to dry. Make sure to clamp the leg to the table so that it dries having a nice, tight fit.

Step 4 - Add Braces

The best way to increase the stability of the table, along with adding extra support to the legs, is to add some metal leg braces if they are not already present. To do this, measure an equal distance from both outer edges and screw the braces down securely to the bottom of the table.

Repairing wood patio table legs is an easy task that can be accomplished without any specialized knowledge or tools, and it can increase the look and usability of the patio table. Since the majority of people have purchased plastic and glass outdoor furniture sets, fixing your wood patio table will give you a unique look in your neighborhood that will be the cause of envy from them all.