How to Repair Your Cracked Brick Facing

What You'll Need
Goggles for safety
Ear protection
Brush (preferably stiff)
Pair of Gloves
Mask preventing dust intake
Big bucket
Dye of Mortar

Brick facing not only enhances the overall exterior of your house but also serves as a shield against weather. There are numerous types of brick facing to choose from depending upon their usage (interior or exterior). When it comes to repairing a cracked brick facing, most surrender the job to professionals. However, it is an easy and straightforward process. Cracked brick facing is usually the result of a broken brick, causing increased pressure on the other bricks. Some simple repairing tips will help you claim your brand new brick wall back. A mortar and sand mixture is a necessity when it comes to repairing a cracked brick facing. The mortar will not only help conceal the cracks, but increase the overall strength of the wall, preventing future cracks.


Step 1: Protection and Preparation

As they say, safety first. Make sure you have your safety goggles on. Do not start without wearing a rough pair of gloves. Preferably you should also wear a mask to prevent the dust particles from entering your system. Ear protection is also recommended. With the help of a chisel, start off with smoothly chipping off any loose brick pieces. It would be wise to save the chipped off pieces for later use as they would help cover the cracks. Grab a brush (a stiffer brush would be handier) and clean the cracks, removing the brick powder.


Step 2: Prepare the Mortar-Sand Mixture

The next step requires you to prepare a mixture consisting of sand and mortar. While adding sand and mortar, pay special attention. You should approximately add 75% sand and 25% mortar. If you are using a shovel to prepare the mixture add a single shovel of mortar and three sand shovels, and then add a quarter gallon of water. Blend the mixture for a while untill it makes a thick paste. This is where the dye comes in. Add dye till you feel the mixture is just a touch darker than the color of the brick wall.


Step 3: Applying the Mortar and Sand Mixture

Use a trowel to fill the cracks of the brick facing with the mortar-sand mixture. Make sure the cracks are completely packed with the mixture. Again with a trowel, ensure the mortar is level with the other bricks. This is where the saved chipped brick pieces come in handy. Stick them onto the mortar to further hide the cracks. Do this as carefully as possible to ensure a finer finish.


Step 4: Final Touches

Wait for a couple of hours, allowing the mortar to dry off. Wait till the mortar is firm enough to withstand light rubbing. Then use a wet sponge (should be damp but not dripping with water) to clean the brick facing, removing any extra mortar. Wait for another day or two, allowing the mortar to completely cure.