How to Repair Your Pool's Sand Filter

What You'll Need
Epoxy or pool putty
Putty knife

A sand filter is a critical element for any home pool. It keeps sand and other sediment out of the pool and helps to protect the water system you have installed. A crack or a break in the sand filter will allow sand and dirt to get into the water. If the filter does crack, you should fix it right away to avoid further damage. Here is an easy fix for a cracked filter. You will eventually need to replace the sand filter, but this repair job will hold you over until you can arrange a replacement. 

Step 1 - Prepare Your Tools

You will want to make sure all your tools are near you. You do not want to walk away when you are putting putty on the crack and trying to hold it in place. You want to make sure you have your epoxy or pool putty on hand and open so you do not have to fumble with the top. Mix two parts of the epoxy resin to one part hardener or pool putty in order to activate its ingredients. Most epoxies are sold in containers that have both parts necessary for the proper bond.

Step 2 - Repair the Damage

Place the epoxy mixture over the crack on the pool and hold the crack together in order to produce a firm bond. Apply a little pressure to the crack in the tank for the maximum hold. You do this on the outside. If you can reach the inside of the tank, you will want to do it there as well. Putty on both sides will increase the chances of the crack staying together. 

Step 3 - Allow the Mixture to Dry

Keep the product as dry as you can for 24 hours. You can then turn the pump on to check if the pump has held together with the putty. If you find no leaks, your repair job worked.

Again, this is not a permanent fix to the problem because of the amount of pressure that flows through the sand filter. You will eventually need to replace the filter, but it should work for now.