How to Replace a Ballcock Fill Valve with a Float Cup

What You'll Need
New valve with float cup assembly

The fill valve and float cup mechanism refills the toilet tank with water after it has been flushed. The valve has a float cup that rises with the water as it fills up the tank. The float cup shuts off once the water has reached the required level. The fill valve is one of the most likely toilet parts to break. Replacing it is a rather simple job to complete

    Step One – Disconnecting the Water Supply

    Completely shut off the water to the toilet by turning the cold water supply behind it counter-clockwise.  If there is no valve behind the toilet, shut of the main water supply to the house. 

    Step Two – Preparing the Toilet Tank

    Remove the toilet tank cover. Flush the toilet, making sure that the tank does not refill. Sponge out any water left at the bottom of the tank.

    Step Three – Remove the Old Valve

    Place a towel under the coupling under the toilet tank to absorb any water that might drip from it. Use your wrench to disconnect the coupling by holding the old fill valve with one hand and unscrewing the nut with the other hand. Disconnect the refill tube from the overflow pipe before you remove the old valve.

    Step Four – Installing the New Valve

    Insert the new valve where the old valve had been been. Be sure you cover the entire hole with the gasket to prevent any water leakage later. Use your wrench to securely screw the nut onto the vase of the new valve. Reconnect the refill tube to the overflow pipe.

    Step Five – Reconnecting the Water Supply

    Reconnect the refill valve to the water supply. Turn the water back to enable the toilet to fill with water.

    Step Six – Adjusting the New Valve

    Follow the directions provided with the assembly and adjust the new valve accordingly. Be sure the tank refills properly by flushing several times. Replace the cover to the toilet tank.