How to Replace a Bathtub Drain Stopper

What You'll Need
Replacement bathtub drain stopper

If you've recently purchased a new bathtub drain stopper, you may be wondering how to switch it out with your old one. If so, read on to learn everything you'll need to know about bathtub drain stopper replacement.

Step 1 - Remove Your Old Drain Stopper

After purchasing a replacement bathtub drain stopper whose size conforms to that of your drain, your next step should be to remove your previous drain stopper. If you own a pop-up drain stopper, simply grab onto the stopper's miniature chain and pull it out of your drain. If your bathtub features a metallic drain stopper, carefully grasp the stopper and proceed to twist it in a counterclockwise fashion until it has been successfully dislodged.

Step 2 - Install Your New Stopper

Having removed your previous bathtub drain stopper, you are now ready to install your new one. Installing a pop-up drain stopper is a simple matter of placing it over your bathtub's drain and applying pressure until such times as it becomes lodged in the drain. To install a metallic stopper, gently twist it into your bathtub's drain in a clockwise fashion. Should it prove to be a tough fit, you may want to incorporate the aid of a small pair of pliers.