How to Replace a Bifold Door Track

What You'll Need
Screwdrivers flat and phillips head
Hammer or rubber hammer
Drill with a 7/16 bit
New track and hardware

When you have a faulty bifold door track, it will cause the entire door to malfunction. Your best bet is to replace the track and the door will operate smoothly again. We are going to go through the items you will need and just how to replace the door track in as few a steps as possible. Before you being you need to find if you have single or double bifold doors, if you have a top, bottom, or both tracking. From there we will measure the doors closed to determine the size. And are they wooden or metal? If you tell the hardware person the type of door you have they will have a track for it or there are universal tracks that will replace yours. We are using a universal track for this installation.

Replacing the Track

Step 1 - Take Down the Doors

Opening the doors and using the flat head screwdriver to hold down the spring or take loose the screws, take the door down. Repeat on the other side. 

Step 2 - Remove and Replace Old Hardware

Laying the door down, remove the old pivot from the bottom and also the guide. When installing the new pivot if it is not secure and snug you will need to drill a new hole and use a 7/16 pivot. The normal is 3/8 inch. Select the proper head to fit the track. Firmly press it onto the new guide head onto the pivot.  Tap into place in the top of door. Repeat on the other door. 

Step 3 - Remove and Replace the Door Track

Using the proper screwdriver, remove the old track from the top of the door facing and do the same on the stop on the bottom track. Find the new tracks and replace using new screws. If the holes routed out, move the screw over a bit and make new holes. Screw them in tightly making the top of the screw flush. Any bit not tight will cause the door to hang up when you open it so make sure they are tight. After installing the new track on top and bottom you are ready to re hang the doors. Pick them up and slide them securely on the hangers making sure the bottom is also secure. You may need to adjust the tension spring, if this is the type you have. Although daily use puts pressure on the track this new track should last you a good while.