How to Replace a Bird Bath Heater

What You'll Need
Birdbath Heating Unit
Extension Cable
PVC Pipe (if power cable to current heater is not already buried underground)
PVC Couplers and Elbows
PVC Primer
PVC Glue
Hack saw
Measuring tape

A bird bath heater is a great way to make sure birds will visit your yard in the winter. Birds seek out warm bodies of water and will remember your bird bath if it is heated. So, if you have a heated bird bath that is defective, you should replace it to keep beautiful birds coming back to your home. This easy to follow step by step guide will walk you through the process of replacing a faulty heated bird bath.

Step 1 - Remove Old Bird Bath Heater

First, you'll need to remove the old bird bath heater. In most cases, you will simply need to lift the heater out of the basin of the bird bath. Then, simply unplug it from the extension cord that was used for the unit.

Step 2 - Dig Trench for Power Cable

If you already have a covered power cable for your birdbath, then you can skip all the way to step 6 of this how-to guide. However, if you don't have a buried power cable, take a shovel and dig a trench that is about 6 inches deep all the way from the base of your birdbath to the outdoor outlet you will use to provide power to the unit.

Step 3 - Measure Distance for Power Cord

Take your measuring tape and measure the distance of the trench. This will help you determine the length of PVC pipe you will need to purchase and cut to cover the electrical extension cord.

Step 4 - Cut PVC Pipe

Lay out the pipe next to the trench. In most cases, you'll wind up with a section that requires a shorter piece of pipe. Therefore, take your hack saw and cut a piece of PVC pipe that will make up the distance that any full-length pipes may not cover. Take the sandpaper and clean up the edges where you cut the pipe with a hack saw.

Step 5 - Connect PVC Pipes and Couplers

Apply a PVC primer to the ends of each PVC pipe and the insides of the couplers or elbows that you will use to run the power cable. Then, apply PVC glue and connect the pipes via the couplers. You'll also want to place a PVC elbow at the very end of the pipe closest to the birdbath. Then, place a section of PVC pipe that runs up along the side of the bird bath to use to house your power cord.

Step 6 - Run Extension Cable Through Pipe

Run the extension cable through the entire length of PVC pipe. You may need some assistance in fishing the power cord through the PVC pipe.

Step 7 - Cover Pipe

Place the PVC pipe inside the trench. Then, take the shovel and cover the pipe with soil and compact it.

Step 8 - Plug in the Bird Bath Heater

Finally, place the new heater inside the basin of the birdbath and plug it in. Then, go to the other end of the extension cable and plug the extension cord into the outdoor outlet. Your new birdbath heater is ready for use.