How to Replace a Bow Window

A bow window is a popular type of protruding window set which has separate panes of glass inside. If the frame of your bow window becomes damaged or starts to show signs of its age then you will need to know how to replace it.

With all of the right tools and materials available you will be able to replace your bow window and restore the look of your property instantly. A bow window in poor condition can look terrible and effect the look of your whole property. These window frames can also allow water to penetrate the wall, causing damage.

What Is a Bow Window?

A bow windows is a very elegant type of window which gives the room it is installed in a romantic air. A bow window sticks out from the house, similar to a bay window but in a curved design rather than there being angles between the panes. Fitting a new bow window is actually much easier than you might imagine.

Removing the Old Window

First you will need to remove the old bow window, this can be done fairly easily since the original frame can be broken up. Start by removing the glass and using a pry bar to lift the frame out of the wall. If there are any noticeable fixings and screws then these should be removed first.

Once the old window is removed you need to check the state of the surrounding wall. If there is any damage then this may need to be repaired and touched up.

If you are not able to complete the project and fit a new window at this point then you can use a tarpaulin to seal the hole from the outside elements.

Replacing the Window

Next you will need to position your new bow window into place. Hopefully you have purchased the same size and type of window you already had, in which case you don't need to do anything special. However if you have a different sized window then you will need to make the hole bigger or smaller.

Then put the window back in place and use the fixings supplied to secure the window in place. The window will normally be screwed into place although this can differ depending on the material the window is made from.

Once the window is securely in place you then need to glaze it. Put the glass into the frame and use  the necessary tools to fix the glass in place. If you are using a UPVC window frame then you can secure the glass in place by snapping the plastic trim around the edge of the window frame.

Finishing Touches

The space around the window must be properly flashed on the outside to prevent water penetration and the exterior finish replaced. Any gaps left around your window frame then need to be filled using caulking. Ensure that all of the gaps are filled including the space under the window sill because this will improve the energy efficiency of your home.