How To Replace A Broken Deadbolt Door Lock


Your deadbolt door lock is a cornerstone of your home security. If it is ever broken, due to a burglary or malfunction, be sure to replace it immediately. Follow these directions to restore your family's safety by replacing a broken door deadbolt lock.

Step 1:      Check the Door Frame for Structural Soundness

If in a burglary or other incident, your door frame, hinges or molding are damaged, repair or replace the door and its supporting structure before you add a new deadbolt lock. Does the door have a wood frame or steel frame? This will also determine the type of deadbolt lock you should buy.

Step 2:    Obtain a New Deadbolt Door Lock

Detach the lock plate from the outside of the door, and take it to buy the new lock. You will need to compare its size with the new lock size. You can buy a new deadbolt lock at a wide variety of locations, including hardware stores, building supply centers, and specialty shops for lockmaking and lock repair. Choose one from a reputable firm which offers a warranty on their products.

Step 3:    Remove the Old Lock Mechanism from the Door

Using a suitable screwdriver for the screws, remove the old lock mechanism from the door. Replace the bolt receiver in the door frame only if it is damaged. If not, leave it intact. Loosen all the screws on both sides of the door and pull the two sections of the deadbolt lock apart gently, so as not to scatter bits all over the floor. Note how the pieces go together so you can assemble and install the new one effectively.

Step 4:    Install the New Deadbolt Lock into the Door

Attach the new lock mechanism and plate to the edge of the door. Ensure it is precisely level, or "flush" with the edge of the door and that the deadbolt travels through the hole cleanly. If not, enlarge the hole in the door by a small increment, using a wood chisel, or a metal sander for a steel door, until the bolt slides smoothly through.

Step 5:    Adjust the Lock Cylinder for Correct Alignment

Turn and shift the two halves of the lock cylinder on the inside and outside panels of the door till they are in correct alignment. Loosely fasten both sides of the lock cylinder to the door. Test the lock cylinder with both the inside door latch and the key on the outside until the lock functions correctly. Use a power drill to install a new deadbolt lock into a steel door, with or without a steel frame as well.

Step 6:    Tighten the Lock Cylinders into Place

With the correct screwdriver, turn the screws as tightly as you can with your hand to fasten the lock cylinders firmly into the door. Check the function of the lock again once you have done this.  The lock should work correctly with the key and the latch.
Another time to change a deadbolt lock is right after you move into a new house. This prevents unwanted entry by previous owners or their family members who had extra keys.