How to Replace a Broken RV Head Light

What You'll Need
Replacement head light
Screw drivers

Replacing a broken RV light is important for the safety of you and others on the road. If you find that the head light on your RV is out,follow the simple steps below to effectively replace it.

Step 1 - Buy New Head Light

Check your manual to determine what type of headlight you will need to purchase. You can find these online or at auto and hardware stores. Many times, you will need to reference the make and model of your RV when ordering to ensure that you have the correct replacement part.

Step 2 - Remove Head Light

Begin by removing the trim from the old head light with a torx screwdriver. Remove all of the screws, and gently pull the bezel out. Unhook the wires from the back of the head light.

Step 3 - Install New Head Light

Make sure that the new head light matches and connect the wires to the back. Place the light back into the same spot, and use the screwdriver to replace the trim to secure it. When you are finished, turn on the car and test it to make sure that the light works properly.