How to Replace a Car Detailing Vacuum Hose How to Replace a Car Detailing Vacuum Hose

What You'll Need
New vacuum hose

Problems with your car detailing vacuum hose can reduce suction and make for inefficient, but it only takes a few simple steps to replace your damaged hose.

Step One - Preparation

Check the model of your vacuum to make sure you buy the right new hose for your vacuum. Make sure your vacuum cleaner is unplugged before you begin work and gather all your tools around you.

Step Two - Remove Hose

Locate where the hose enters the vacuum cleaner and use your pliers to grip around the base of the old hose. Gently pull and remove the hose. Follow the hose to see if your vacuum has an attachment which holds your hose when not in use, carefully detach and remove the hose from the attachment.

Step Three-Install New Hose

Take your new vacuum hose and insert into the hole which leads into the vacuum, a screwdriver can be used to help push in the hose. Alternatively, follow the instructions given with your new hose.

Continue feeding the new hose through your vacuum cleaner, if the new hose doesn't quite fit the holding attachment use your screwdriver to unscrew the attachment and relocate it to the right place.

Step Four-Test

Have a test run of your vacuum before you use it to ensure the problem has been solved. If suction is still poor, simply repeat the steps above.


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